Rane TTM-56S

The TTM 56 has been the world’s most popular performance mixer for many years.
The new TTM 56S improves with several new features:


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The Rane TTM-56S is a professional two-channel DJ mixer designed for any situation that demands the highest sound quality possible, and rock-solid reliability. Built upon the vast popularity of the TTM-56, this updated model adds a few useful features while keeping the core of the mixer untouched.

Originally reserved for the most demanding industrial and aerospace applications, a specialized non-contact magnetic position sensor technology is implemented into the design of the faders. The result are faders that have a mechanical life of over 10 million strokes, that are tolerant to moisture, smoke, temperature, and other elements that are known to accelerate wear, and are impervious to travel noise and bleed. The highly responsive faders are also extremely sensitive to subtle hand movements, making it the ideal instrument for performance DJs.

The updated features of the TTM-56S include an internal universal switching power supply, a more flexible input stage, and improved ergonomics. The internal power supply will work almost anywhere in the world, which makes the TTM-56S the ideal mixer for the touring DJ. All four of the stereo inputs are switchable between line and phono. The crossfader contour curve controls have been moved to the top panel for better ease of use (increasing the width of the mixer by one inch). The Transform switches are now Kill switches, and there are two headphone jacks, a 1/4″ and a mini-plug 1/8″.

Incredible sound quality and performance are synonymous with all Rane mixers, and the TTM-56S is no exception with its 3-band accelerated slope EQ controls on each channel, balanced and unbalanced outputs, and rich sound throughout.

Updated Features
The TTM-56S includes a few improved features over the original TTM-56, while keeping the heart of the mixer untouched.
Non-Contact Crossfader and Channel Faders
A specialized non-contact magnetic position sensor technology is implemented into the design of the faders, which have become a favorite of DJs worldwide.
Universal Power Supply
The internal power supply will work in any country with 100-240 VAC.
Two Channels and Flexible Routing
The TTM-56 features two channels with four turntable and line inputs for CD players, MP3 players, etc. A Microphone input with a dedicated effects send and return are also featured.
Contour Adjust Controls
All faders feature contour adjustment for smooth transitions or quick cuts and scratches.
Accelerated Slope EQ
Rane’s Accelerated Slope 3-band EQ is featured on each channel. The EQ provides accurate frequency adjust and frequency kill.
Auxiliary Input
An auxiliary input and output is provided and may be used as a third channel for drum machines, samplers, player/recorder devices, etc.
Flex FX Send and Return
Flex FX send and return I/O provides routing to external effects processors.
Mode Switches
Mode switches are provided for all fader controls. The switches toggle between abrupt and curved transitions. An infinite range of fader responses are possible when used in conjunction with the Contour and Reverse controls.
Reverse Switches
The Reverse switches are use to toggle between left and right, or up and down fader responses.
Total # Of Channels 2
Input Connectors Stereo RCA Turntable x4
Stereo RCA Line x4
Stereo RCA Auxiliary Line
Balanced 1/4″ Phone Mic
Stereo Balanced 1/4″ Phone Flex FX Return
Output Connectors Stereo Balanced 1/4″ Phone Master Output
Stereo RCA Master Output
Stereo RCA Auxiliary Line
1/4″ TRS Phone Mic Effects Send/Return
Stereo 1/4″ TRS and 1/8″ Headphone Inputs
Stereo Balanced 1/4″ Phone Flex FX Send
Signal to Noise Ratio Master Output:
101dB, re +4dBu, 20kHz, BW, unity gain
94dB, +4dBu, 20kHz BW, 12dB gain
Frequency Response 10Hz to 30kHz, +0, -3dB
EQ Section 3-bans Accelerated Slope EQ
Power Internal Universal 100-240 VAC
Dimensions (WxHxD) 10 x 13.3 x 3″ (25.4 x 33.8 x 7.7 cm)
Weight 9 lbs (3.7 kg)
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 12.75 × 19.25 in


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